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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Latest & new Arabic and indian Mehndi Design 2013

Mehndi was a culture but now adopted as fashion in all over the world, Latest & new Arabic and indian Mehndi Design 2013 A quality of Mehndi artists are showing  their brilliant work in henna art. But here we are going to share you some brilliant mehndi work from Henna Oasis, Where artist represented her gorgeous designs in form of Indian Mehndi Designs, Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs, Bridal Henna Fashion and body mehndi art. Lets have a look on her stunning mehndi designs.

So simple Arabic Hinna design with Star and floral mehndi design,Indian mehndi design for Feet with borders of feet cover with Heenda design, So simple, Stylish with latest Arabic mehndi design 
Indian mehndi design which cover half arm with mehndi and arms and hands are cover with floral and Leafs mehndi designbeautiful and so difficult mehndi design really very difficult mehndi design cover hand and Half arm
New mehndi design for feet this mehndi design is mostly use in Functions and parties
dark mehndi design and its also so difficult to draw because its a Indian mehndi design, beautiful Arabic floral mehndi design can be draw back side of hand,
beautiful Indian mehndi design for special events like Eid or parties
new Arabic mehndi design both hands are cover with floral and leafs mehndi design and its simple to draw
Indian mehndi design, mehndi design for hand is so simple but arms are totally covers with stylish mehndi designcolorful Arabic mehndi design for girls, it is a 2009 latest mehndi design, what a style of mehndi for feet for indian girl because its a Indian feet mehndi design

  • Paris:
  • Paris: Why Yves Saint Laurent, and architect Le Corbusier Jackie Kennedy have in common? Their glasses, for his part, and customers of the scale luxury hat, French craftsmen. And banned after four decades of trade in tortoiseshell under the CITES Convention in 1973, and family businesses of the fourth generation sees itself as the guardian of the planes rare, a variety of tailor-made glasses stocks collected before ban. Describes the cover customers in this Audrey Hepburn, Maria Callas or presidents Fran├žois Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac "aesthetes" more concerned with the timeless style of fashion. Christian Bonnet, who learned the craft from his father and grandfather, and holds the rank of "Master of Art Ivoire", which is an honorary title awarded by the French Ministry of Culture and is currently held by more than 100 artisans only at the national level. Today, under the co-chairmanship of Christian and his son, Steven Frank, Bonnet is about 100 pairs of horn-rimmed glasses handmade year at prices ranging from 3,500 to 30,000 euros ($ 4,500 to 38,600 $) Said Frank Bonnet "My father did not want me to go on the market, due to a problem in feeding tortoise", which is mainly produced from a bowl of endangered hawksbill turtles, told AFP. With 12 grams of turtle for a pair of glasses, and the company says it uses between two and three kilograms per year. Said part of French national heritage in 2007, Bonnet did not reveal the amount of securities it holds, but the supply is limited. "It is inconceivable that we would never get another turtle in the ocean," says the 41-year-old, himself a strong environmental expert. Decided that a few years ago that the time has come to look to the future, and to a wider market.
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  • Month of breast cancer awareness in October was that the accordant gown may be spoiled because of timing. Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton show. Friend E-trails many seemed in step one hit music hard and discussion distracted by gadgets them, but shows Louis Vuitton Live in Paris writing commanded attention. Models dressed in clothes best for their trip to New rebuilt retro training. Servants wore the circumventing and vanity Vintage-inspired. Journey had seemed pleasantly subtle and modern. Two - tons dress Stella McCartney. McCartney, stranger to the red carpet is no way that the celebration can get enough of. ultra-flattering dress "property" of the Ubiquitous possible. bodice and back to a color image and sides and sleeves. Kate Winslet has a different version, and Brooklyn Decker, Kate Moss, Liv Tyler and Edie Falco said. Trick of Jane Fonda is the best festival in Cannes. _ Beyonce's body is returned to him. Some women say they feel sexier than ever again. Beyonce is living proof met Gala, the most important of Vogue Anna Wintour co-hosting. slinky Beyonce largely save bodice services and training alone fishtail feather _ declared her dress Givenchy Blue Ivy Carter do not go. An honorable mention to Jessica Simpson, who approaches her for a meal indication Watchers weight then wound up pregnant again. 007th Costumes Some Wardrobe Daniel Craig "Skyfall" is designed impeccably and narrow lot. Unlike James bonds, who lost him, people love the traditional more than cut a series of rows Savile, Craig, whose wardrobe is built mainly by Tom Ford to work with a Europe of them with legs tapered and stays short. No doubt Craig bonds superspy will go down in history as one of the best there is but fair to ask if you can bring this hunting impression in tight clothing. Supermodel of the Olympic Games in London. No. This is the new black during the ceremony to graduates of the parade wearing robes golden shirt in tribute to friends Updated: English one. Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell both Alexander McQueen, is Georgia May Jagger by Victoria Beckham at Burberry Karen Elson and Stella Tennant is Swarovski Crystal catsuit Christopher Kane. Soundtrack certainly "the update:" David Bowie.
  • Bollywood
  • Bollywood is expected wife, in order to build it, confidential and out of sight, but today are a mixture of professional businesswomen that affect the design, manufacture and India embraces cultural celebration: New Delhi. Appear on the cover of magazines, television programs present, advertising everything from soap to Sofer addresses and increase their empires infancy money - so, claiming lights share as possible. The list is headed "Download wife" in the film industry in Mumbai star Shah Rukh Khan wife Gaurus Khan, the film's success and structured product as is the case now independent who is considered a pioneer of redefining roles. Co-founder of the company, hit production Red Chillies Entertainment in 2002 with her husband, when produced eight Tour, including major films such as science fiction Ra.One year. Khan, 42, has branched out into the design since the entry into, open lines of furniture in April in relation to other wife Bollywood, Sussanne Roshan, who is married to actor Hrithik Roshan beloved. Roshan (37 years) to build store in project design to impose Mumbai coal called two years ago. She admits she was very little interested in the office when I got married 12 years ago, but discovered that he had a taste for competition. "When you get pregnant, and it just gives me some clarity about what I sought, and up in the life of me," he told AFP Roshan. latest mehndi design, arabic mehndi design, pakistani mehndi design, indian mehndi deisgn, mehndi design 2013, karachi design, lahore design, new mehndi design


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