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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Telenor Girls Mobile Numbers | UFone Zong Warid Girls Mobile Numbers FB ID

First Name    Nazia Naveed
Last.Name    Naveed
Nick.Name    nazi    
Gender:        Female
Mobile Network/Company    Telenor
Address    Barkat Market Lahore
City    Lahore
State    Punjab
Country    Pakistan
Email Id
Mobile Number    03464658694


  • Emergency landing In Karachi
  • DawnNews reported the engine in flight from London Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Airbus 310 caught fire immediately after take-off from Karachi International Airport, forcing him to do the wing of an emergency landing on Sunday in Karachi. Capture the national carrier fire during takeoff from Karachi International Airport Private, according to eyewitness accounts. Emergency declared at the airport after taking off from the runway. Landed Karachi and Lahore to London flight PK 787 with security after being hit a technical defect in one of the engines
  • Israeli Gaza raids continue, hitting media centre
  • : New Israeli air strikes hit Gaza City and the media center in the first includes the northern Gaza Sunday that the death toll site, despite the recommendations of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, it can not be a "ceasefire as soon as can '. telenor girls mobile numbers "At least six journalists with mild to moderate injuries when Israeli warplanes hit the TV studio and building Jerusalem Housari Chua in the Rimal neighborhood in Gaza City," said a spokesman for the Ministry of Health Ashraf Al Qudra. Witnesses said damage to the building, told journalists evacuated after the initial attack, which was followed by at least two others on the site. The power in the Israeli warplanes north carried out in two separate raids on the homes that killed two people and wounded 10 others. A correspondent for Agence France-Presse in Gaza City, Israeli aircraft attacked from above, and the Israeli naval forces of fire, and launch more than a dozen shots at the beach. Israeli air strikes killed 16 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, prompting the League of Arab States to announce visiting the enclave beaten and policy on the Middle East peace in the Middle review. Mursi told reporters in Cairo that his government was "strong" to communicate with both Israel and the Palestinians. He said "there are a number of indicators that may be an early cease-fire," Mursi said in a joint press conference with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey. But there are still "guarantees," he said. ufone girls mobile numbers A senior official of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal, the Hamas leader in Cairo for talks. The doctors said killed 48 Gaza residents on Sunday morning and more than 450 wounded since Israel launched its air campaign on Wednesday, at least nine militants killed 16 people on Saturday, but at last count. Reporters told Agence France-Presse has also increased the number of sirens sounded in Tel Aviv for a third day, sending people running for cover after day of rockets fired by Gaza militants hit the sea near the city center . Israeli officials said it was intercepted missile system Iron Dome missile defense, and the second shot somewhere in the metropolitan area Aviv Tel. The attack was claimed by the military wing of Hamas. Military aircraft from 180 in TV overnight Israeli air strikes in Gaza said the, adjusted attacks on the Hamas government. Erdogan said that Israel should be held accountable for killing babies. "Everyone must know that sooner or later post will explain the killing of innocent children killed inhumanely in Gaza," he said in a speech in Cairo. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights to date, killing six children. Turkey, Egypt and publicly played down the offers from the United States to get to put pressure on Hamas to achieve an end to the rocket fire. And blamed Israel for the violence. Arab foreign ministers emergency meeting in Cairo, condemned the Israeli campaign in Gaza, and called for a review of policies toward the Jewish state. The university said in a statement that Nabil al Arab delegation leader for Gaza on Sunday or Monday "to show solidarity with the Palestinians." "The ministers also decided to ask for a task force to periodically review" the value of the ongoing commitment to the Arab initiative in proposing the Arab peace as a strategic option. " In 2002, given the Arab diplomatic recognition of Israel in exchange for withdrawal from the occupied territories, and to find one solution to the Palestinian refugee issue. This is the cornerstone of Arab diplomacy ago. jazz girls mobile numbers The statement called on Arab states to respect the decisions of the university to stop the link above normalization with Israel. However, the diplomat said the Arab League will not affect the peace treaty Egypt and Jordan signed with Israel. The deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes Saturday that U.S. President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accept to stop the rise in Gaza the best available Hamas cease-fire. "We believe that the precipitating factor was the struggle for the firing of rockets from Gaza," he told reporters aboard Air Force Rhodes. "We believe that Israel's right to defend himself, and they will make their own decisions regarding the tactics they use them." Diplomatic efforts to end the violence, and the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and is in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and the Palestinian territories Sunday, Paris embassy to Jerusalem declared. Palestinian officials said Fabio met Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank city of Ramallah. Since the beginning of the column Defense, and the Israeli army said militants fired more than 600 rockets across the border, which was intercepted 430 and 245 of the Iron Dome missile difference. warid girls mobile numbers During the same period, killing three Israelis and wounding 18, including 10 soldiers. The military said the air force hit more than 950 targets in Gaza.
  • SC observations on president’s role:
  • ISLAMABAD: Executive legal saga continues. On Saturday, the government finally speaking out against the observations of the Supreme Court on the role of the President in case of a minor Khan. , Has submitted a request for review of the judgment, but only with reference to the observations made by the Court of his presidency. According to the complaint, the Constitution requires and demands a symbol of any governmental authority (the President) will show absolute respect for all state institutions. It says they should avoid statements that lead to the deterioration and reduce the president's office. The petition was returned to office judiciary, and was accompanied by the relevant share. However, he said a prominent lawyer who helped draft the dawn of a petition which will be presented on Monday, when the banks open. zong girls mobile numbers In its judgment in the petition that the smaller the Khan accused ISI distribution of money to politicians in an attempt to manipulate the 1990 elections, the Supreme Court had asked the federal government to take action against the former army chief Gen. (in retired) Aslam Beg and former director general of common intelligence (ISI), Lieutenant-General (retired) Asad Durrani, for his role in facilitating some politicians and political parties in the elections. More importantly, the decision to exclude also that the person holding the office of President violates the Constitution, if he or she can not treat everyone equally and without favoritism no one in particular. Government, meanwhile, challenged these comments on a petition filed by Deputy Attorney General for Dell Khan Mohammad Ali G.. The government's decision was not a surprise because there is no evidence that the Pakistan People's Party and was not very comfortable with this decision. There have been media reports that the government has stepped cautiously after the verdict - PPP meetings in the President's office, followed by a press release and remained out of sight. Similarly, his name has also been a recent meeting in a Malakwal on Nov 14, and the party "Eid Milan" rather than a political rally. A speech delivered by President Asif Zardari, according to some analysts, was less partisan and not as hot as some of his speeches in Garhi Khuda Bakhsh on the anniversary of the death of Benazir Bhutto. However, these efforts are not so much less controversial escape the attention of the media and critics and PPP are many who were willing to say that the president was guilty of ignoring the decision of the Supreme Court - before judging was SC, LHC has commented on the role of President of the Union. This does not mean that there is no criticism of the decision of the SC, which was also controversial. Tariq Mahmood, a former president of the Supreme Court Bar Association, meanwhile, has expressed dissatisfaction with the Court's comments, explaining that the main issue in the complaint youngest Khan was the use of money, and the role of the cell of the Assembly Military and politics at the presidential palace late President Isaac Ghulam Khan. In other words, we believe that the case does not justify the decision on the role of President. Request to the government with respect to the observation made in the judgment to do with the president's office by the "service of Pakistan" term under Article 260 of the Constitution, the petition for review to say that the court did not consider that the president is the head of state action and all managers on their behalf in the Constitution. Consequently, the petition said, is the contradiction that should also be the head of state regarded as a servant of the state. He added that the Office of the President is a political office and noted that the President has the right to re-election pursuant to Article 44, and therefore must maintain a good relationship with the people and the media. Then came to the conclusion that the President can not stay away from political activity can not work and if it does not refer to all political actors in the country.


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