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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Pakistani Wedding Dresses Pictures Photography Pakistani Wedding

Always in Pakistan bridal fashion Pakistani fashion industry is highlighted. We brings you all the Pakistani wedding Dresses packages available online by browsing various wedding dress can easily purchase. Zari embroidery, organza zardozi, and Koura, dabka, sequins, cut work, mirror work, patchwork, pearl work, kundan stones and crystals, etc. All different kinds of things that are beautiful wedding dress. Here marriage dress will be designed by different designers. Wedding party dress for a wedding in someone's life each and every one to choose is very important. by while shopping or ordering a wedding dress and suit your taste and color scheme. Come and new trends in wedding dress patterns wedding dress year to change the color red always "I" is. We update you on the latest fashion wedding. In terms of fashion and many types of wedding sarees can marry any wedding dress lehnga, wedding spark, etc. choose a wedding gown.


Pakistani Wedding Dresses, Nikah, Food, Traditions and More

  • Mehdi Caremony:
  • Mehndi other exciting traditional after the wedding before. In Pakistan are given a lot of focus on the customs and rituals. Beauty and the beauty of the Indian people are ardent lovers. This is what henna before the wedding reflects. Moreover, is one of the ornamental Mehandi bride and sixteen beauty is incomplete without it. Mehndi ceremony usually occurs before the wedding. According to tradition, the bride does not get out of the house after this ceremony. However, the size of the ceremony depends on individual choice. Some people celebrate it with great pomp and show. Sometimes, the wedding ceremony is a celebration of music. However, during the ceremony, turmeric paste the face of the bride and the feet and the hands and apply. Then, begin applying henna. To apply henna to the bride, and called Mehndi skilled expert. Bride's hands, arms, feet and legs applies henna. Traditionally, the bride's henna applied henna plant was obtained by drying the leaves. These days are different types of mehndi designs available in the market. Some henna mehndi design popular Arab, Rajasthani Mehndi, Mehndi Crystal, Mehndi tattoos, and so on. The fact that henna has become more than a tool indicates. However, regardless of the form in which it may be, it is still an important element of the bride. According to popular belief, black henna, her husband and more love. According to tradition, the bride's henna does not fade unless marriage was not allowed to work from home. It's basically the ritual ceremony, the bride's traditional songs prosperous married life in singing with women occurs between drum beat music is.

  • Nikah:
  • Islamic marriage is a purely formal wedding usually takes place at the bride's house. Wedding bride and groom family members and close relatives and friends attended the of. Usually, the men and women sit separately, in different rooms, or a curtain or veil, and separated them. Wedding blessing in marriage (marriage contract document) record. And Nikahnaama are several conditions that both parties (bride and groom) has to be respected by. The bride to her husband to divorce. Nikahnaama "seal," says the bride and groom to pay in cash. Pakistani Women Dresses Maher is one of two quantities is given due before marriage, and that includes the loan amount to the bride to TBD. And freedom in marriage dowry, bride, bride and security guarantees as a network. Witnesses at the wedding as the bride and groom (governors) of the parent Act. If the parents are not available, the leadership of the older brother or uncle. Usually, the groom's side makes proposal and the bride told her consent. Maulvi and witnesses (gavah) Nikahnaama for the bride and read it. Nikahnaama and accept that "the acceptance Kia Yes," meaning "first Nikahnaama groom symptoms were then taken and read it, and he took it and said:" the offer and signed the document. Maulvi and (gavah) witnessed the signing of the agreement and Nikahnaama marriage is legal. Molloy and recite the Quran and read the first chapter, and pass the durud or ceremony to celebrate the end. Served legally after marriage, and pottery dates and Egypt (raw sugar) to the family of the groom. When the bride makes the groom next to his wife. This time the game fun jibe groom and the groom's sister.

  • Pakistani Wedding Food:
  • Most Pakistanis are non-vegetarians. This does not mean that a lot of people like to eat vegetables. Only when there is a post of vegetable salads that they offer. What kind of meat, and how are some restrictions must be reduced. For example, not eaten pork pork from people or grilled. Not because of the food because it is against Islam and Pakistani culture. There are several different types of food containers in Pakistan, most of them difficult to interpret. But there is also a famous dish culture in the Arab world, too, may come from kebabs said. several types. For example, chicken kebabs, lamb kebabs, beef kebabs, shish kebabs, Kabob seekh, and the Indian people is a new vegetable kebabs, Zarda public Birani, located in Pakistan or any where it is called. On the next page shows what kinds of food, and talked a bit about the marriage of people in the use of Pakistan.
  • Pakistani Wedding Dresses:
  • Marriage is a joyous occasion when every bride wants to look beautiful and is magnificent, as is the most important day in her life. Therefore, all groups bridal lingerie careful, attentive and careful planning, and right choice is required. Whatever the preference, but Pakistan can not a wedding unforgettable - every marriage is a sign of an important family functions. Married to a traditional wedding dress, which compasses is incomplete without the culture and heritage. Today, bride wedding dress from a wide variety Choli Gahgra, inexperience to choose a dress, Pishwas some traditional wedding dresses worn by brides in Pakistan have spark. Traditional Pakistani bridal dress, which is usually, beads, embroidered, and embellished with sequence is known for. Not only that, but using expensive bride dress usually worn only once in life time wear is to improve the appearance.
  • Waheed Murad
  • Islamabad: Pakistani film producer and screen on Friday 29 legendary actor Waheed Murad's death anniversary is observed. Charming, charismatic, tender voice and unusual talent for acting in films is known about the expression. The nature of romantic young South Asian cinema is popular among the viewers. He Sialkot October 2, 1938 was born. One of his films, movies Arman,, which was prepared by the sub-continental film industry has a significant impact on the Pakistani film industry was considered and sunlight and the film made ​​him a star overnight has Pakistani Wedding Dresses. He Karachi Nov 23, 1983 passed away. In November 2010, 27 years after his death, he was honored by mail franchise star, "star of excellence," an award of merit in the fields of art and literature is given. (AFP)
  • Brokeback Mountain
  • NEW YORK: gay cowboys "Brokeback Mountain" drama has been considered film risky to make, but said director Ang Lee that his new film "Life PI", and a boat with Bengal about a boy trapped in exploring 3D from Tiger faith, is the most serious yet . Yann Martel novel adapted from the same name by selling the film, which was released this week in the American theater, and once considered impossible. Took Oscar-winning Taiwanese me Director (58 years) color plot exciting illustrations bring to the big screen through the use of computer-generated hard work, and it only takes half a year to edit the film together Pakistani Wedding Dresses pics. The filmmaker spoke threads, technical barriers and led to an unknown actor told Reuters him. Why "Life PI" * considered unfilmable? A. "Tiger is not all what you want, you can use your digital animal digital, two years ago, was not yet fully realistic 3D alone two, and then very hard water is." Even now portray the most difficult experience for you> do you have? A. "Oh, yes ... I'm that was longer and had a technical problem and it is a great film., And across continents and was in Taiwan, decided to shoot the most, however, was also killed India for two or three weeks because you fake Pondicherry and Munnar can not . scenes we have in Canada. " > But Brokeback Mountain movie risky? A. Then I got nervous, 'Oh, they're going to have lunch with me, cowboy movie gay, will take a shopping center. " > After that just made you feel? A. "Yes, I was scared when I walked in the search around, and when I go home, and if someone behind me, and I'm scared killed once I got in a shopping mall, in fact. Taiwan brother I've distributor, and I told him not to buy it. Hates me at the Today, it is still raving about it. Pakistani Wedding Dresses pictures" Suraj Sharma unexplained PI> I choose? A. "I wanted something authentic, not bad habits, and that means you have to be trained from the outset." > Why replace Tobey Maguire and unknown scenes with reshoot fragment lifter? A. "It was a small part, this is a movie star too big, and he is my old friend good will be written something for. Do you like me, but it does not do anything (character), just sit there and listen to the concerns more and I think it is a little bit." Movies> is spirituality? I A. "Faith is elusive, but I can say .. Taoism, 'This apple is true." All content comes out of nowhere, may prove confusing things about your work is that this theory, is the essence of life, not flimsy illusion is actually worth pursuing. Then there is no confusion and the way, and the truth is. Pakistani Wedding movies " Sometimes I think he (confusion) is the essence of life, in real life that is full of fraud and cover more than you can trust. ' * Encourage faith that you have? , When I started making films, you have to think. Taken by you and your embody., But when you raise this issue, and chose the book, actually tell the story in my head tells the story A story of how people can share value. Because restructuring story, which is one. Beginning, middle and end of the mean, where life is not. " > You have to follow any religion? A. "They are not logged, my mother is Christian baptism, to me every day one, go to church, I pray four times a day until I was 14 and lunch at school laughed my prayer. Children ... stopped. Prayer and two weeks later, I was, So I did not get it after that. " "I do not particularly religious, but I think we face the question of where is God, why should we create a life, why are we so to speak. These days to talk about this subject is very difficult, because it can not prove., It is difficult to discuss rationally . " You yourself spiritually> What do you think? A. "I think that life is just hate facts and laws and I filmmaker, I'm a person is sensitive, and I think it is spiritual, but I prefer the way people without a soul seems life. Darkness is, is ridiculous. Believe the call illusion or calls, everything you say, and we connected emotionally to Anonymous would like to know that it is human nature. they can., in a sense, free of charge, and we do not know love, original film sometimes to God and not to any particular God. "(Reuters)
  • Rock and John
  • Delhi: Despite Bollywood with films like Rock and John only if returned in the valley and in Kashmir, the film industry still wants to live. Pure war and neglect by the government and industry in Kashmir, the film, despite its rich past continue to fight for recovery. Historically, Kashmir, the film once again in 1964. It is known Manziraat (henna) for feature film Kashmir. 1964 continued and the film was Paul Jagjiram. Kashmir's main city, has been shown in the cinema hall, and had a tremendous response from the people. Film prize was rewarded with the president. The first documentary film in Kashmir Pamposh 1952 (lotus) by Ezra Mir. The film was screened at the Cannes Film Festival. Manziraat Shayar Kashmir Mehjoor, status information and materials Mukherjee, Department of Indian filmmakers after a few which was a joint venture. The film is presented in Urdu and Kashmiri languages. Released in 1972, and Kashmir, Mehjoor famous author and poet focuses on life Pakistani Wedding planner. After the release of the film in the Kashmir Mehjoor saw (39 years) a long hiatus. However, when the feature film (the father) باباجي output Suroo light in the feet. No screening the film in Kashmir. However, they are produced Telefilms (screening short films, television and means) at the time. Bashir Badgami (1977-1978) and Arnimaal Khatun in 1982-83 grain output Siraj Qureshi, the most popular including Mir Messenger (1974-1975), directed by Bashir Badgami. At the same time, Bollywood films were examined in cinema halls in Bollywood and Kashmir Kashmir since decades a series of block groups and back pain. However, the uprising in 1989 in Kashmir away not only from Bollywood but the culture of Kashmir, stop the movie. During the attempt few minor film met with failure. Were produced feature film in 1989 entitled Inqalaab and troubled but because of the circumstances, can not be released. Crisis, and bombed cinema halls, and some have been arrested by the security forces was closing. In 1996, the National Congress being revived film. Broadway Cinema in the presence of Prime Minister Abdullah then Farouk Dr. Open with Kareeb Vidhu Vinod Chopra. Regal and Neelam did the same thing. However closed royal display after a grenade attack killed two people. The destruction of the city's business district Broadway night armed strike forced the public to take pictures. Sapphire open, but the old movie screen. A lull in the industry to break the decades, Kashmir in 2006, and is produced the first digital film, AKH company directory Looluch (a love story). Occur conflicts of the 19th century social and political film of the Kashmiri people for a focus on the love story. Was directed by Aarshad Mushtaq and the first time in India Pakistani Wedding Dresses stage. However, in the case of Kashmir and regional film-making is unchanged to a large extent. This is probably the film in Kashmir. Accuse the experts in this area and the troubled system of the lack of attention to the situation. Aref said Ayyash, local filmmaker and actor, "We are the film industry because of conflicts and the government's negligence is unable to make progress." The financial institutions, and the lack of attention Film Council and the government has prevented the development of the film industry. "We finance our films are finance companies. Arif said that the government encourages the development of the film industry." He disclosed that the government has brought attention to the issue several times, but is useless. Aref said that Kashmir produced and starred in the film industry because there is no loss of valuable skills. Documentary filmmaker, John Bilal claimed that the film-makers, civil society and the government to restore the hands of the film industry in the region is to join them. "A policy and the development of legislation passed in the state assembly instructions that will remain for the industry. Pakistani Wedding photographers" Exhibition hall, and stressed the need for film marketing benefit. In addition, the social life associated with the film industry needs to permission defeated. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in Kashmir do not need to own and comes under the supervision of the central government. Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Culture and Arts, languages ​​and cultural activities, is responsible for the drop movies. Local artist, wishing not to be named, said lifeless film industry actors, singers and other artists opportunities to score left. "We have no where to go. Could not find anyone in Hollywood., Our talents are lost because there is no cinema in the region. Pakistani Wedding photography" Kashmir 35MM film first, Partav in the first week of December, and the Prime Minister is ready: While still living industry, means there is still some ahead.


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