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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Bahawalnagar Girls Mobile Numbers Friendship Mail Facebook ID Wallpapers

Bahawalnagar Girls Mobile Numbers

First Name: Sadaf
Last Name: Abul Jabbar
Gender: Female
Religion: Islam
Marital Status: Single
Education: Bcom
Bahawalnagar Girls Numbers
Mobile Number: 0092346-8424711
Company Name: #Telenor
Address: Bahawalnagar
State: Punjab
Country: Pakistani
Email Address:
Police say the suspect Mohammad Hanif, his wife and daughters had illegitimate relationship with neighboring Mohammad Afzal. Ahmed Ali, Ali Hakim, and with his compatriots, Mohammad Hanif Sharifan and Pathani Reshman sacrifice his wife and daughters. The accused entered the house of Mohammad Afzal and three others attacked him, and Abdul Razzaq, Raza Ali, Tahir, killed in a serious condition.

After receiving the information, police and rescue groups responded to the scene and bodies Bonga Dunga Bahawalnagar District girls mobile numbers (DHQ) Hospital moved headquarters and wounded. Raza Ali succumbed to injuries while others come with cases dangerous. Donga Bonga police arrested three suspects and started an investigation.

Bahawalnagar: City residents captured and tortured by the police on Saturday, SAMAA reported thieves before.

Bahawalnagar Girls Mobile Numbers

According to police sources, a man and a woman girls mobile numbers on mobile phone shops in the city Farooqabad were involved in the theft.

Meanwhile a shopkeeper started screaming for help. Seeing this, the vendors and people came and took the blame. He was tortured and handed over to the police.

Thief injured were rushed to District Hospital for treatment.


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