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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Punjab Bahawalpur Girls Mobile Numbers Cute Beautiful Girls Aunty

First Name Naheed
                    Last Name Akhtar
                    Birthday December 15, 1989
                    Chikni Girls
                    Address: Bahawalpur Chowrangi
                    City Bahawalpur
                    State Punjabi
                    Country Pakistani
                    Mobile Number 03038024241
Police said the terrible accident of summary justice, and hundreds of men sacrilege "unbalanced" the defendant severely beat her, and burned alive in the southern state of Punjab Wednesday: Bahawalpur.

Region took place Chanighot Bahawalpur girls incident Tuesday evening. The residents saw a man allegedly threw the pages of the Koran on the road. The local police arrested him and put him in prison.

The news spread like wildfire in the neighborhood - and soon a crowd gathered outside a police station Chanighot overheating and baying for blood.

The anger of police and the mob violence that claimed a blasphemer, and may be confused with a statement by a police officer not catch on, and brutally tortured.

Some officers fired tear gas to disperse the crowd - but people mobile phone emotionally refused to hand over the alleged blasphemer and instead directed against the police officers Gujar, Ghulam Mohiuddin, Chanighot Police Station House Officer (SHO), second.

Nine policemen, including the SHO Gujar prominent and Rana Naveed DSP while trying - without success in spite of everything - save the man.

DSP crowd, including many of the most important police cars, four-wheel, before his arrest, burn, and that have not been identified.

It was once the unknown man in custody crowd, thanked Chanighot (vertigo), where he was desecrating the Koran was pulled, poured gasoline over him and set on fire.

The SHO against Gujar 1.500 to 2.000 people have registered two FIRs.

Ahmed Ishaq said Jahangir Bahawalpur mobile phone DPO Express Tribune that was sent to strengthen the police to bring the situation under control. Said they were investigating the incident.

Jahangir said Chanighot additional police force deployed in police stations to prevent any untoward incident. The transformation of the human body after death in a local hospital.

, Amnesty International, cute aunty the barking crowd of blasphemy laws in Pakistan accused of violations of the members of a man executed as a matter of urgency must be brought to justice.

Wednesday, July 4, and accused the residents in the city of Bahawalpur Channigoth, the Koran, is serving a life sentence for the crime of burning a homeless man in the province of Punjab.


When the beautiful police tried to calm the crowd is not successful, and attacked a group dragged the man out of the station and beat him to death. Witnesses said that people put gasoline on his body and set fire died.

Wounded mafia and police in clashes at least five members.

"We are at a high level than a thousand people mobile numbers have died at the hands of police in front of the challenges of the eyebrows," said Polly Truscott, director of Amnesty International South Asia.

"But nothing will be efforts to control the authorities immediately Punjab and in accordance with international standards to bring the culprits to justice."

In the second case, it is a strong message photos pics that someone could commit provocative report and sends the defense of religious sentiments to justify groped. '

Reform is necessary. '

Vaguely worded blasphemy officials militants in Pakistani images wallpapers, especially in the state of Punjab to promote religious awakening threats by groups of rules with inadequate investigation. "

And accused of blasphemy disproportionately, and religious minorities, but most of the victims are Muslim majority.


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